RNEW Electrical Wholesale - Product Catalogue Edition 20

103 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 ATC www.atcelec.co.uk Energy Efficient Radiators Sun Ray RF Thermal Electric Radiators EXPERIENCE UNIQUE • Wireless Control via Gateway and App • Voice Control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home • Low Surface Temperature option • Stand-alone control on Radiator • Manual operation • Digital programme control Product Code Description RF500 Sunray RF Thermal Electric Radiator, 500W RF750 Sunray RF Thermal Electric Radiator, 750W RF1000 Sunray RF Thermal Electric Radiator, 1000W RF1500 Sunray RF Thermal Electric Radiator, 1500W RF1800 Sunray RF Thermal Electric Radiator, 1800W RF-GATEWAY Internet Controller for Sun Ray RF (controls up to 30 radiators) RF-MONITOR Power Measurement Monitor for use with Sun Ray RF Gateway Varena Electric Thermal Radiators Google Home • Oil Filled Radiator with Aluminium Elements • Large Easy to Read LCD Display • Efficient Timer Control • Easy to use 24 hour, 7 day programming • Precise Temperature Control • Adaptive Start Control Product Code Description VER500 ATC Varena 500W Digital Oil Electric Radiator VER750 ATC Varena 750W Digital Oil Electric Radiator VER1000 ATC Varena 1000W Digital Oil Electric Radiator VER1200 ATC Varena 1200W Digital Oil Electric Radiator VER1500 ATC Varena 1500W Digital Oil Electric Radiator VER1800 ATC Varena 1800W Digital Oil Electric Radiator