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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 CROMPTON Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Lumens Ø Length 10994 6W R7s 3000K 610lm 20mm 78mm 11014 9W R7s 3000K 790lm 20mm 118mm www.cromptonlamps.com LED Capsules LED G4 Silicon Capsule 6,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable. Code Rating Voltage Colour Temp Equiv. Ø Height 7093 2W 12V 2700K 10W 10mm 37mm 7109 2W 12V 4000K 10W 10mm 37mm LED G9 Capsule 6,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable. 3415 2.5W 240V 2700K 18W 16.5mm 49mm 3422 2.5W 240V 4000K 18W 16.5mm 49mm LED G9 Sunset Dim 2800K-2200K colour temperature. 30,000 hour life. Dimmable. 9974 3W 240V 2800K-2200K 28W 17mm 58mm LED Appliance Lamps Special purpose LED retrofit miniature lamps with extremely low power consumption. Non-Dimmable. 10,000 hour life. LED Filament Cooker Hood Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Lumens Ø Height 10550 3.8W SES-E14 2700K 380lm 25mm 86mm 10567 3.8W SES-E14 4000K 380lm 25mm 86mm Fridge Lamp 10482 1.3W SES-E14 2700K 90lm 25mm 60mm Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Lumens Ø Height 5624 3.5W SCC-S15 2700K 300lm 26mm 221mm 8854 3.5W SCC-S15 4000K 410lm 26mm 221mm 5631 6W SCC-S15 2700K 500lm 26mm 284mm 8861 6W SCC-S15 4000K 650lm 26mm 284mm LED Double Ended Tubular Lamps LED double ended tubular lamps for use in shaver lamps, picture lights and concealed lighting. 15,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable. LED Linear R7s Lamps Energy efficient LED linear retrofit lamp. Ideal replacement for halogen 78mm or 118mm linear lamps. 20,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable. LED Glass Spotlights LED Glass GU10 SMD Suitable for fire-rated downlights. 15,000 hour life. Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Equiv. Beam Angle Dimmable 6102 5W GU10 2700K 50W 35° Dimmable 6119 5W GU10 4000K 50W 35° Dimmable 4870 4.5W GU10 2700K 50W 35° Non-Dim 4887 4.5W GU10 4000K 50W 35° Non-Dim 9738 5.5W GU10 3000K-2200K 50W 50° Dimmable LED Glass 12V MR16 COB Suitable for fire-rated downlights. 20,000 hour life. 3293 5W GU5.3 2700K 35W 40° Non-Dim 3309 5W GU5.3 4000K 35W 40° Non-Dim LED Full Glass Tubes Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Lumens Length Ø 9752 8W G5 3000K 760lm 549mm 16mm 5570 8W G5 4000K 780lm 549mm 16mm 9769 12W G5 3000K 1100lm 849mm 16mm 5587 12W G5 4000K 1100lm 849mm 16mm 9776 16W G5 3000K 1500lm 1149mm 16mm 5686 16W G5 4000K 1580lm 1149mm 16mm 9783 20W G5 3000K 2300lm 1449mm 16mm LED T5 Full Glass Tube 40,000 hour life. Direct Retrofit. Non-Dimmable. LFT29WW 9W G13 3000K 800lm 588mm 26mm LFT29CW 9W G13 4000K 810lm 588mm 26mm LFT29DL 9W G13 6500K 900lm 588mm 26mm LFT314WW 14W G13 3000K 1100lm 894mm 26mm LFT314CW 14W G13 4000K 1200lm 894mm 26mm LFT314DL 14W G13 6500K 1300lm 894mm 26mm LFT422WW 22W G13 3000K 1950lm 1198mm 26mm LFT422CW 22W G13 4000K 2050lm 1198mm 26mm LFT422DL 22W G13 6500K 2150lm 1198mm 26mm LFT524WW 24W G13 3000K 2300lm 1500mm 26mm LFT524CW 24W G13 4000K 2500lm 1500mm 26mm LFT524DL 24W G13 6500K 2550lm 1500mm 26mm LFT628CW 28W G13 4000K 2900lm 1778mm 26mm LFT628DL 28W G13 6500K 3000lm 1778mm 26mm LED T8 Full Glass Tube 40,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable.