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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 BRITISH GENERAL www.bgelectrical.uk Weatherproof Sockets Part Code Description WP1 Weatherproof 20A x 1 Gang 2 Way Switch WP22 Weatherproof 13A 1 Gang Double Pole Switched Socket WP22 Weatherproof 13A 2 Gang Double Pole Switched Socket WP22RCD Weatherproof 13A 2 Gang Latching RCD Switched Socket WP42 Weatherproof 20Ax 2 Gang 2 Way Switch WP53 Weatherproof Switched Fused Connection Unit With Indicator WP55RCD Weatherproof 13A Switched Fused Connection Unit Latching RCD Cable Reels WP21 WP22 WP53 Part Code Description OMU25134SL 13A 4 Socket 25m Open Reel OTLU40134SL 13A 4 Sockets 40m Open Reel CMU10134SL 13A 4 Socket 10m Cassette HMU15134SL 13A 4 Socket 15m Case Reel OMU2153FL3IP 13A Reverse Reel 25m Open Reel OMU25132USL 13A 2 Socket 25m Open Reel with USB Charging www.masterplug.com